European comics @Brussels Comic Strip Festival 2016

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EUNIC Brussels showcases European comic strips in its stand at the International Pavilion of the Comic Strip Festival (Fête de la Bande Dessinée) in the Park of Brussels, during the weekend of 2 - 4 September 2016. More than 20 artists from 7 European countries (the Basque Country, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Turkey) will present their work. Throughout the weekend, you have the opportunity to meet our artists, discover their works and enjoy free workshops, exhibitionsconferences and live drawing. On top of the bill, our European artists will create a joint fresco Imagine Europe in 100 years.

Discover below all artists per country:
Basque Country: Marko Armspach and Adur Larrea
Estonia: Liisa Kruusmägi, Mari Laaniste, Ivar Laus, Ats Nukki, Stella SalumaaElina Sildre, Joonas Sildre and Veiko Tammjärv
Hungary: Antal Bayer, Dávid Cserkuti, Domonkos Erhardt, Zoltán Fritz, Eszter Komornik, Katalin Sárdi,
Poland: Tomasz Samojlik and Agata Wawryniuk
Portugal : Paulo Monteiro
Romania: Mihai Grajdeanu
Turkey:  Devrim Kunter, Giuseppe Manunta, Murat Mihcioglu, Bulent Sagman and Alain Servantie

Initiated in 2009, Brussels Comic Strip Festival celebrates comics in all its forms and attracts more than 100,000 visitors annually. Children and adults, amateurs and specialists, locals and tourists are invited to a wide range of activities both in Brussels Park (comic museums, book signings, comic sellers, workshops, night-time shows) and throughout the city (the Balloon’s Day Parade, the Tintin Rally, free guided tours).


Friday, 2 September, 15:30 - 20:00
Saturday, 3 September, 10:00 - 20:00
Sunday, 4 September, 10:00 - 18:00

Place: Park of Brussels

Free entrance!

Workshops @ EUNIC stand

Friday, September 2

17:00 – Comic jam improvisation with Hungarian artists
18:30 – ‘The ball on the page’ by Giuseppe Manunta, Bulent Sagman, Murah Mihcioglu

Saturday, September 3

11:00 – 'How to create a story' by Mihai Grajdeanu
14:00 – 'Let's draw the largest forest in the world' by Tomasz Samojlik
15:30 – Drawing games by Estonian artists
17:00 – 'Tac o Tac', drawing workshop by Basque comics artists
18:30 – 'How to draw a joke?' by Agata Wawryniuk

Sunday, September 4

11:00 – 'How to create a story' by Mihai Grajdeanu
13:00 – 'How to make comics not knowing how to draw' by Paulo Monteiro
15:00 – Comic jam improvisation with Hungarian artists
16:00 – 'Tac o Tac', drawing workshop by Basque comics artists

EUNIC Conferences @ Conference room

Friday, September 2

17:30 - Current Trends in European Comics

Saturday, September 3

12:30 - Everyday Life in Comics